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PC gamers can grab $170 worth of games for next to nothing, limited time only

PC gamers can grab $170 worth of games for next to nothing, limited time only

Now this is quite the bargain!

Spreading good cheer has never been easier than with this packed games bundle, offering $170 worth of adventures for a fraction of that price.

There are plenty of ways to do good while treating yourself at the moment – like with the $8 incredible charity deal we recently alerted you to.

We still think you should spend money on that worthy cause. However, there’s also other causes equally deserving of your attention and money (but not too much of it).

In-keeping with that cosy atmosphere, have you watched the Tales of the Shire trailer yet?

Disposable income feels harder and harder to come by these days as the cost of living increases. Consequently, we need to use our cash efficiently. Still, it doesn’t hurt to tap into that efficiency when it also helps others more in need than ourselves.

The ‘Down on the Farm Game Bundle’ comes from Humble; PC gamers can purchase a wide selection of cosy titles for as little as £6.45. Whatever amount you ultimately decide on, your money will aid the Kiss the Ground charity.

“Kiss the Ground is a nonprofit committed to inspiring participation in global regeneration, beginning with soil.”

The charity's description continues, “We create educational curriculum, campaigns, and media to raise awareness and empower individuals to purchase food that supports healthy soils and a balanced climate.”

No matter how much you donate, you’ll get all seven of the cosy titles listed, as per Humble’s promise on the bundle page.

Among the Steam titles you’ll find positively reviewed adventures like Cattails: Wildwood Story, The Witch of Fern Island, and No Place Like No Home, to name but a few.

“Invite some soul-nourishing tranquility into your playtime regimen with this bundle of games focusing on cultivating the land, nurturing relationships, and building a legacy.”

You have just over 17 days to take advantage of this deal.

Featured Image Credit: Falcon Development, Freedom Games

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