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LEGO Island 2 just got a new-gen remaster that'll hit you in the childhood

LEGO Island 2 just got a new-gen remaster that'll hit you in the childhood

It's like we're back in the 00s

There are various ways we can relive our childhood, some of which are easier to do than others.

For those wanting to return to the good ol’ days when the cost of living didn’t plague us, there’s a new-gen remaster for a classic LEGO experience.

In 2001, we were treated to a wonderful game: LEGO Island 2: The Brickster’s Revenge.

This single-player experience has remained in the hearts and minds of all who were privileged enough to play it upon release.

Sadly, time hasn’t been kind to the original graphics.

The Horizon franchise is rumoured to be getting a LEGO adaptation.

We could struggle through, but why should we have to when a modern remaster has appeared as if sent by the LEGO gods themselves.

LEGO Island 2 RTX has launched, and with it comes an easy way for PC players to relive Pepper’s time on this curious, action-packed island.

Skurtyyskirts, its creator, shared an announcement alongside a YouTube video to showcase the revamp.

It reads, “This has been a long time coming, I hope I've done your childhood nostalgia justice. This has been a passion project for me.”

“I took a trip down memory lane a while ago and booted up LEGO Island 2. It's not at all how I remembered it in my head – so I had to fix that,” skurtyyskirts added.

Anyone looking to play the remaster can do so free of charge, which feels almost criminal considering the amount of time and passion that its creator has put into this project.

Players looking to do “awesome tricks”, and generally immerse themselves in a vibrant world of tomfoolery, need look no further than this mod.

We suspect you’ll want to play even if you haven’t got an RTX card or a copy of the OG game, it just looks that much fun!

Featured Image Credit: skurtyyskirts via YouTube

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