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Hogwarts Legacy: Spellmaster is a hefty gameplay expansion you can download free

Hogwarts Legacy: Spellmaster is a hefty gameplay expansion you can download free

Add some new spells to your line-up with this handy mod

We’re certainly heading towards Hogwarts Legacy’s first major update but the day hasn’t arrived just yet.

This summer, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch players will finally gain access to the former PlayStation-exclusive ‘Haunted Hogsmeade Shop’ quest.

It’s easily one of the best quests in the game so this is great news - especially as the unlocking of the expansion is long overdue.

Originally slated to have a 12-month exclusivity window, it actually will have been around 18 months by the time it finally launches.

Alongside the quest, developers have teased a number of other “updates” and “features” although as for what they entails, we don’t yet know.

Fans have been told to temper their expectations so I’d say a photo mode is perhaps far more likely than a full expansion.

Of course, only time will tell. It would be exciting to see the update shadow dropped during the upcoming Summer Game Fest which is to be held on 7 June.

In the meantime, Hogwarts Legacy PC players should check out the very fun Spell Master mod to add a tad more variety to the game.

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

Created by NexusMods user dvcons, the Spell Master mod adds six new spells to the game.

The first of those is Petrificus Totalus. If you’re thinking, Kate, isn’t that in the game? Yes, but it only works if you successfully and stealthily approach an enemy.

With the mod, you’re able to map it to your spell line-up, making it usable at any time irregardless of whether you’re in stealth or not.

Next up, we have Confundo which “confuses enemies for a short duration. Some enemies are so confused they even attack their allies.”

It would be great to see that one added in Hogwarts Legacy’s sequel which is perhaps why certain known spells were held back.

Obliviate is also included in the mod. This one “wipes the enemy's mind. They forget they're in combat for a short duration,” granting you time to get in some damaging hits.

Next, we have Stupefy. Much like Petrificus Totalus, this one also appears in the game but it acts as an extension of Protego.

Thanks to the mod, you can now use this spell at any time to break shields.

Diffindo Maxima is a new addition that’s similar to the pre-existing Diffindo but with a higher range, and increased projectile speed and power.

Finally, there’s Pestis Incendium, a powerful fire attack that’s similar to the Incendio tornados used by some enemies.

The mod is totally free to download and is well worth checking out.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Games

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