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Hogwarts Legacy free download basically feels like an entirely new game

Hogwarts Legacy free download basically feels like an entirely new game

Looks like we're enrolling to Hogwarts again

Hogwarts Legacy, while a magical adventure, soon becomes too familiar when attempting a second or even third playthrough.

We become accustomed to its environment, and as such, familiarity begins to breed contempt.

To avoid that stagnation, a Hogwarts Legacy mod has been created that changes up the rules of the game.

Don’t worry though, the tweaks to the story aren’t so outlandish that you won’t recognise the game at all – just think of it as a much-needed refinement option for longtime players.

Curious about the world of witchcraft? Magic awaits you in Hogwarts Legacy

‘No Levels’ is a free downloadable mod that'll remove the need to switch out your old gear for new equipment.

Modder dvcons explains, “Weapons/armours/enemies/allies have fixed stats which are not affected by their level. This removes the need to change your gear loadout every few minutes when you find something better.”

This now means that your level will “no longer influence your damage/defence/health stats”. However, while this is the case, levelling up will still be required to unlock certain quests.

Consequently, dvcons jokes, “You will still need to level up to unlock quests and talent points, so perhaps the title of this mod is not entirely correct.”

If you’re asking what the benefit of this mod is, besides altering how you initially play, there’s the plus of choosing your gear based on aesthetics/cosmetics only.

Shallow though that may be, it certainly added an additional layer of personalised gameplay to this RPG.

Still, if your time with Warner Bros Games’ title has reached its end, as far as you’re concerned, you can return to a remake of a classic Harry Potter experience instead.

An Unreal Engine 5 remake of the PS1 game is helping fans fall in love with it all over again; even if the words “Concentrate, Potter, and try again” still haunt them.

Wherever the magic of Hogwarts takes you next is up to you. However, if you’re returning to newer outings, the ‘No Levels’ mod might be worth checking out.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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