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Ghost of Tsushima 8K graphics update is truly stunning, download available now

Ghost of Tsushima 8K graphics update is truly stunning, download available now

It's the best this game has ever looked

Some PC wizards have got Ghost Of Tsushima running at 8K, and it has to be seen to be believed.

Ghost Of Tsushima’s recent PC port has been a runaway success on the platform, in spite of a small number of PlayStation fans who kicked up a fuss about it being available for more players.

Check out the trailer for the Ghost Of Tsushima's PC port below.

Like any good PC port, players can now play the game with enhanced graphics and framerates, and it turns out you can really push the game to absurd levels if you have the necessary hardware.

Mod team Broken Dreams recently showed off the game running at 8K resolution, and it’s jaw-droppingly good.

It features enhanced lighting and illumination, making those nighttime horse rides all the more atmospheric, and there’s also ray-tracing included which looks fantastic when you’re walking through woodland areas.

Ghost Of Tsushima was already one of the best-looking games on PlayStation 5, so running the game with PC specs makes it one of the best-looking games ever made.

The good news is if you fancy trying the mod for yourself, you can do so by joining Massihancer’s Patreon page.

Of course, the only caveat is you’ll need to install the mod to your game, tutorials are available, and you’ll need strong enough hardware and a decent monitor to actually see any noticeable differences.

If you’ve got the above though and are pretty tech-savvy, it’s well-worth trying out, especially if you’re playing the game for the first time and want to experience it at its best.

The Ghost Of Tsushima PC port is available now on PC and Steam, and if you haven’t played it yet, fix that, or at the very least add it to your wishlist for the next time it receives a discount.

Featured Image Credit: Massihancer via Patreon

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