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PC: Free download pack available now for 2023's massive 200-hour RPG

PC: Free download pack available now for 2023's massive 200-hour RPG

A free goodie bag packed with Baldur's Gate 3 themed digital gifts is available to grab right now.

Are you excited for the upcoming release of Baldur’s Gate 3? Well, you may just want to grab this delightful little downloadable goodie pack which is available now for free.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is set to be a whopper of a game. Developers at Larian Studios have already revealed that it’ll take a hefty 200 hours to see all the game has to offer. Those of you focusing on main objectives only will understandably zoom through a bit quicker. The devs also teased that the game has 17,000 endings. Yes, you heard me right. Remember last year when we gawked at The Quarry’s 186 endings. Those endings won’t all be drastically different. Some will simply feature slight variations. Still, it hugely encourages replayability. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pre-install Baldur’s Gate 3 despite its large file size. You can now download a sweet little goodie bag through.

Take a look at the trailer for Baldur’s Gate 3 below.

The free download is available courtesy of GOG and can be redeemed on PC. The goodie bag includes Baldur’s Gate 3 themed stickers, emojis and wallpapers which, okay, isn’t the most exciting of line-ups but hey. It’s free and it’s exclusive to GOG and only available for a limited time, so you may as well grab it.

The description reads, “Dive into the world full of wonders, and let our Baldur’s Gate 3 Goodie Pack be your gateway to adventure. Whether you're a seasoned hero or a new adventurer, this digital goodie collection is a must-have for anyone seeking to embrace their love for the series or elevate their gaming experience. This treasure trove of emojis and wallpapers will transport you right into the heart of action.”

The wallpapers will “fit not only different desktop resolutions, but your mobile devices as well”, allowing you to “decorate your digital space with awe-inspiring landscapes and scenes straight from the rich tapestry of Baldur’s Gate 3.” Meanwhile, the emojis and stickers are created by Junha Kim, also known as Orknology, a Baldur’s Gate 3 enthusiast and artist. Grab your free goodie bag here.

Featured Image Credit: Larian Studios

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