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Stunning Fallout 3 remake free to download and check out now

Stunning Fallout 3 remake free to download and check out now

Time to go killing again up at the Point

Can I be honest with you all? I feel we’re close enough for that now. I love Fallout 4. I know it has its flaws, but it’s just a fantastic game. However, there’s always been one piece of the puzzle missing: Point Lookout.

For fans of the Fallout franchise, you’ll know the DLC well, as it’s arguably one of the best add-ons from Fallout 3. It’s such a beloved extension that fans have praised it for being “exceptionally good” and markedly “substantial and well put together” compared to other DLCs.

How amazing does the remade Fallout 3 Point Lookout look?

On Steam, you can purchase the DLC for a small fee, provided you have the base game in your library as well. But its graphics are a little dated now.

Enter the Fallout 4: Capital Wasteland team, a group of developers who are remaking Fallout 3, starting with the best DLC in the franchise’s history. The description for the project reads: “Welcome to Point Lookout Wanderer, join us for a nice day down by the boardwalk. The moonshine is strong and the Punga fresh. Experience the entire Fallout 3 DLC of Point Lookout rebuilt from scratch in HD from the perspective of Nate or Nora.”

It looks incredible, so much so that to call it a “side project” as the devs have seems absolutely criminal. As you’d expect, the Fallout fandom is ridiculously hyped about this, not least of all because of its updated Bethesda’s tired looks. “Thank you thank you thank you! Point Lookout is my favourite Fallout 3 DLC. I'm so happy to hear about it being remade. Keep up the amazing work.”

Another gamer posted, “Can't thank you enough for releasing this mod, I'm looking forward to the full release of the Capital Wasteland game. Kodos to everyone taking all the time and effort into bringing this beloved franchise to a new generation of gamers.”

The remade Point Lookout is available to download and play right now, and you don’t have to spend a single bottlecap to get it.

Featured Image Credit: FO4: Capital Wasteland – YouTube

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