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Bloodborne on PC is looking way more likely after new emulator launches

Bloodborne on PC is looking way more likely after new emulator launches

Not all heroes wear capes

When there’s no official PC port in sight, matters have to be taken into our own hands. One way Bloodborne fans are doing this is via a new emulator that’s launched.

Nine years down the line and Bloodborne still has its gothic claws buried deep into us.

Even now, we’re still discovering new details about this beloved FromSoftware experience; if you’re curious what you might have missed, here’s eight things you likely don’t know. About the game, not life in general.

Speaking of FromSoftware, there's another hardcore adventure waiting for you in Shadow of the Erdtree.

In addition to new in-game revelations, there’s also news that Bloodborne is coming to PC after all, albeit not in the way we expected.

The creators of the ShadPS4 has teased that the PC port we’ve all been dreaming of is (almost) within reach.

In a tweet by the developers, ShadPS4 revealed that Bloodborne on PC is possible. However, getting to that end result is still “WIP”.

Although this is far from perfect, the emulator developers are being lavished with praise.

“Doing the lords work to get Bloodborne on PC in some form,” said Twitter user Silent Dad Plays Games.

Another person described it as “light at the end of the tunnel”. However, they weren’t exactly sold on this emulator version of the iconic title.

“Unless they make one hell of a mod, this game was, sadly, not made to be played at 60fps. It would just break the game combat,” argued Domaik.

It’s not what we wanted, but it’s what we’re getting. And it might just be here before we get GTA VI – it’s something a couple of fans have joked about in the comments.

This might be the “closest we’ve ever been”, yet there’s still much distance between Bloodborne and PC. The gap is closing, but it’s a slow process that will be far from seamless.

Nonetheless, after fearing I’d die without seeing the game on PC, this has given me some hope. I should probably get my clown makeup ready for the inevitable...

Featured Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

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