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Bloodborne finally returns in an excellent expansion, thanks to the fans

Bloodborne finally returns in an excellent expansion, thanks to the fans

As if the Souls games weren't difficult enough

Oh how I wish I could deliver you news about the long-awaited PC port for Bloodborne but alas, it has still not arrived. However, this Elden Ring expansion will fill that Bloodborne-shaped hole in your heart with its similar aesthetic and difficulty.

Elden Ring is the talk of the town again despite originally being released in 2022. Thanks to its Shadow of the Erdtree DLC which was released last week, players are flocking back to the FromSoftware title to get their butts kicked.

Check out the launch trailer for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree below!

We at GAMINGbible also enjoyed our experience with the killer expansion. Our review said: “As an expansion to the critically-acclaimed Elden Ring I’d say it does everything you’d want it to.”

However, that doesn’t mean that Souls fans aren’t still crying out for a Bloodborne remaster and PC port but the pleas appear to be falling on deaf ears.

Luckily, one creator has found a way to solve this by combining Elden Ring and Bloodborne to make Graceborn, an overhaul mod that turns Elden Ring’s base game into a more “grim and sinister experience”. Like it wasn’t already!

Graceborn introduces fictional trick weapons, firearms that can parry, quicksteps when locked on, perma-night and many other additions. However, it is worth noting that the mod is still in early development so still needs a few tweaks.

Additionally, the mod will only work with Elden Ring’s 1.10 version or lower but its creator hopes this will be fixed pretty soon.

“In terms of content, the alpha adds a total of 22 armor sets, 35 weapons, 17 trick weapons and five firearms,” the modder says. “It also replaces the appearance of several mobs and bosses to fit in the aesthetic of the overhaul.”

As well as making the combat all that more difficult, seeing the Bloodborne aesthetic in Elden Ring is a sight to behold and will definitely keep us entertained until the official Bloodborne remaster. Fingers crossed!

Featured Image Credit: Noctis via Nexus Mods

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