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Nintendo is finally fixing one of the Switch's biggest problems

Nintendo is finally fixing one of the Switch's biggest problems

Nintendo is solving problems with this fix

A new Nintendo patent has been found that could solve one of the biggest problems with the Nintendo Switch - one that has bugged many owners since the release of the first console, right through to the OLED revamp.

It can be a real pain to manage the wires going into the Switch dock. Having to plug in your cables sideways is a niggling issue that at times makes the dock feel a little unstable. It’s an inconvenience. While the OLED dock did improve things somewhat, with a fully removable panel, it’s still not a perfect solution as the direction of the wires creates tension in the cables to make the dock wobbly.

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A patent discovered by dataminers shows a small block placed where the I/O connection is, inside the dock, that allows users to choose a side where the wires enter. It can be rotated to either side for ease of access.

While this does indeed sound like it could improve things, you may be thinking the same things as us, it’s a bit too late. We’re so far into the Nintendo Switch’s lifespan that every week there’s a new rumour about the follow-up console. So, why would Nintendo try to solve this issue now? Unless it’s something they played around with and we’ll see implemented for the Switch 2, this is unlikely to reach consumers.

Of course, this is Nintendo who operate in a slightly more archaic way than other console developers, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they pushed forward with an adapter to make life a bit easier. Whatever the case, it’s time we all start focusing on the age of the Switch, how much of a stellar platform it has been - arguably aided by pandemic times of Animal Crossing - and when we might see the successor revealed.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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