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Nintendo drops 5 free games that will push you to the limit

Nintendo drops 5 free games that will push you to the limit

Mentally, we're not prepared

Have you found your games collection lacking in challenge? This latest Nintendo drop of free games will deliver that test of skill you crave.

Our Nintendo Switch is a treasure trove of classic games, provided you don’t mind paying a small fee.

The latest five retro games to drop on Nintendo Switch Online are from the Mega Man franchise; available to play now.

Not seen the Nintendo Mega Man announcement yet? Here it is!

Perhaps some of you are too young to remember this Capcom great, but for those of us who are older, we remember the rages the games provoked well.

Mega Man, Mega Man II, Mega Man III, Mega Man IV, and Mega Man V have joined the Game Boy section of the Online service.

In the words of one fan, “Okay, Nintendo's cooking this month.” It really is.

For those not sure what to prepare for, all you really need to know – besides its platforming challenges – is that Dr. Wily is your foe. In each game, the tufty haired villain makes life for Mega Man quite difficult.

Here’s the thing, though: while these games are fantastic trips down memory lane, they’re also extremely hard to complete.

People always joke that contemporary titles have got easier, which we could debate, but when it comes to Mega Man titles, they really are much harder than any newer titles we’ve played.

As one fan over on Reddit said, “I swear, every game in every Mega Man series is unnecessarily hard to beat.”

They’re not alone in feeling this way (obviously), however, there’s a solid reason why these experiences push us to our breaking points.

“Mega Man started during a time when video games were short due to data limitations and were made hard so it would take a while for people to beat,” explained another fan.

It makes sense, but that doesn’t mean the palpitations have stopped.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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