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New Nintendo GameCube game announced in the year of our lord 2024

New Nintendo GameCube game announced in the year of our lord 2024

Who could have predicted this?

Hands up if you thought that in 2024 we’d be getting ports for the Nintendo GameCube and SEGA Dreamcast. Oi, hands down you, stop lying!

The SEGA Dreamcast was first released in 1998 and the Nintendo GameCube launched in 2001. So, more than two decades later, I think one of the last things we’d expect this year is both retro consoles getting a modern remake for one of the most popular video games of all time.

Check out the Minecraft trailer below!

The modern port in question is for the ever-popular Minecraft which has been ported to just about every single modern platform to date. However, Minecraft hasn't been ported to the Dreamcast or GameCube because it was released more than a decade after both systems launched, but a very dedicated fan looks to change that fact.

The fan in question is an indie developer who goes by the name of meesedev on Twitter. Earlier this week, the indie dev shared a gameplay clip of Minecraft running on Dreamcast and it’s glorious.

“I’m remaking Minecraft on the Nintendo GameCube. I aim to replicate enough of Minecraft's mechanics, but then take the game in a new direction emphasising emergent gameplay,” said meesedev in a tweet earlier this year.

“To clarify any confusion, I aim for this game to become an entirely original creation with unique assets and ideas,” they explained. “I'm using ‘Minecraft Beta 1.7.3’ merely as a game design reference to develop the game engine. There won't be a release until all content is original.”

“Once my game engine is sufficiently developed, all Minecraft assets and gameplay mechanics will be removed and replaced with original content as soon as possible,” meesedev continued. “If you're expecting a Minecraft clone, this game is not for you. The main goal is to be a better survival/exploration game than Minecraft.”

It’s worth keeping in mind, that as far as we know, meesedev hasnt had permission from Minecraft developers Mojang or Microsoft, who owns the studio and the Minecraft franchise. That being said, if this project does eventually remove all official assets to become its own game, it might be safe from being shut down.

Minecraft is out now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and compatible mobile devices.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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