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New LEGO Marvel announced, is the biggest one yet

New LEGO Marvel announced, is the biggest one yet

Just shut up and take our money!

What a time to be a LEGO fan! LEGO has been upping its game considerably over the last few years, with more of its sets feeling like works of art than “children's toys”. Arguably, the brand has never been just for the kids, but especially now, children are its second demographic with adults coming first.

Nothing says that more than the new LEGO Marvel set. A towering behemoth, it’s the biggest set released to date, with over 5,000 pieces making up its gigantic size. I defy anyone to look at this set and not want to construct it, if for nothing other than the smell of triumph after putting it together. Bonus points for people who don’t lose and/or step on a LEGO.

Speaking of Marvel, you really need to watch the final The Marvels trailer

On Twitter, the Avengers post has already been bookmarked 122 times as fans bank the set for a later date. Alongside all the reposts, there are plenty of comments from delighted fans who’ve already added the set to their Christmas wishlist. Though be warned, as much as you might want this set, it’ll cost you $499.99 for the privilege.

“This looks incredible,” said @EquineRabbit, while other users simply shared fitting memes, like the one where SpongeBob shouts “I need it”. Naturally, the cost also came into the discussion, with one post saying, “Yes, but I’m also poor”. Us too, buddy, us too. Along similar lines, others expressed interest in the set but “not for $500”, which, once again, is a fair statement to make.

Cost will undoubtedly be a divisive factor for a lot of fans. However, while I agree that $500 is steep, you are getting a huge ornament you can play with – I say you because there’s no way on this earth that your children should go near this thing. In fact, keep it away from curious cats and dogs as well.

If you fancy making your bank account cry for the best of reasons, the LEGO Marvel set will be available from 24 November.

Featured Image Credit: LEGO

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