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Mass Effect 3 has an extra secret ending you never knew about

Mass Effect 3 has an extra secret ending you never knew about

Mass Effect 3 has another ending you might have missed

Mass Effect 3 has a hidden fourth ending that you might not have seen yet, it’s probably the worst one too.

Years later the endings of Mass Effect 3 are still a huge point of discussion amongst fans, so much so that many wonder how it’ll be followed up for Mass Effect 5, which is currently in development.

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As a small side note, if you haven’t played Mass Effect 3, or any Mass Effect game for that matter, you can grab the entire trilogy for next to nothing on Steam right, all of which are remastered and include their respective DLC packs.

Anyway, back to Mass Effect 3, by the end of the game you’re given a choice as to what'll happen to the galaxy with three options to choose from.

One player recently shared a fourth option they’d discovered, one that completely messes up the galaxy in a hilarious way.

They said they’d played the game before so knew roughly what each ending entailed, but as they were deciding they “looked at the ghost boy, jokingly pressed the right trigger, and shot a bullet through the ghost boy,” thinking it “doesn't matter” since he’s a ghost anyway.

Apparently this was the wrong move as the character then turns angry saying “you've made your choice. Peace is no longer an option,” prompting the game to “abruptly end” with a cutscene where everyone dies.

Other players in the comments found it hilarious, with one saying they “didn't even have to open the spoiler to know he shot the Starbrat,” and another saying “Yep that happened to a lot of people.”

Whether you’ve achieved this ending or not, I think we can all agree that’s it better than the other ones we received, many of which are still a disappointment years later.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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