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Hogwarts Legacy player shares trick to transform game into an 'immersive RPG'

Hogwarts Legacy player shares trick to transform game into an 'immersive RPG'

This will definitely make the game feel more realistic

It could be said that Hogwarts Legacy is already an engaging experience due to its RPG foundations, but some players are finding even more unique and clever ways to transform the game into something more immersive.

No, you won’t be able to actually cast spells – unless you’re a witch or wizard, then please proceed as normal. The way to a more “immersive RPG” for us muggles is through mundane, everyday activities you wouldn’t normally carry out in a game, like changing your clothes before bed. And if you think this post is odd, you should look into the intense secret mode another user has created.

Feel the magic with the Hogwarts Legacy 'Magic Awaits' trailer!

These tricks come from Hogwarts Legacy player and Reddit user lauinked, a gamer who previously spent “hundreds of hours on RDR2 and misses the ‘day in the life’ immersion” of such a game. Well, these tips do just that.

As already touched upon, changing your character’s clothes is one of the best ways to feel really part of the world instead of someone just peering in. “[I wear the] school uniform only if in Hogwarts, outdoor clothing if exploring,” is the OP’s top suggestion.

The second hot tip is to eat an apple so that you can pretend that your character “feels too busy to sit down for meals at the great hall.” As silly as it may sound to some gamers, this really is a small action that adds a lot of authenticity to the RPG experience. Still, we appreciate that not everyone wants to take it to such a specific level.

Alongside the above tips, the thread also talks about going out of your way to give your character a bath “once every few days”, and to avoid starting a quest until you’ve read the mail first.

This type of immersion takes a lot of dedication and, as one HL fan admitted, they “wouldn't have the patience to do just one of those” activities. We relate hard to that comment, it’s as if that particular gamer knows us.

But seeing into the depths of our very souls aside, these tricks are a great way to change up the predictable schedule of Hogwarts Legacy’s narrative.

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