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Hogwarts Legacy player 'opens' Chamber of Secrets, discovers what's lurking down there

Hogwarts Legacy player 'opens' Chamber of Secrets, discovers what's lurking down there

This isn't what fans expected to find...

One Hogwarts Legacy player has “opened” the Chamber of Secrets and found something wholly different than the books and films depicted.

Of course, the Harry Potter books should be trusted when it comes to what’s lurking in this concealed area, but it never hurts to see something different. And boy oh boy, what this player found falls into that category.

Let's preface this “find” with the facts: the gamer in question cheesed the game. They glitched into the Chamber of Secrets rather than opening it properly.

Will you find the magic in Hogwarts Legacy?

Secondly, what they found isn’t likely what the developers wanted you to see. As one fan puts it, “What I find amazing is that even though you're not supposed to see it, there was still an empty space below the sinks.”

It would seem that previous plans were indeed scrapped, judging by the layout of the land underneath the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.

Fans are disappointed, though. Not because of the lack of monsters underneath the entrance, but because the player gets an easy ride while they explore the out of bounds area.

“It would’ve been funny if the game developers, knowing players would try glitch and clip down there, [they] actually put in the Basilisk that instantly kills your character for going somewhere you shouldn’t,” joked one player.

We’re inclined to agree that this is a missed opportunity. Still, fans of the game get to watch a character float down into the chamber in such a way that it feels like the beginning of a horror game.

Speaking of which, there’s a hidden area far creepier than what lurks below the school’s bathrooms...

Have you tried to enter the Chamber of Secrets? We suspect if you’re caught, you’ll lose some House Points.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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