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Hogwarts Legacy player accidentally finds something the devs didn't want us to see

Hogwarts Legacy player accidentally finds something the devs didn't want us to see

Could a secret the devs hoped was buried have been found?

Developers often plan to include features that never make the final cut of the game, and, up until a few years ago, nobody really knew the extent of chopped content on the cutting room floor. Now though, we’re able to see all the features dev didn’t want you to find.

One Hogwarts Legacy player has seen behind the veil, having experienced a glitch that has given players a glimpse of what life could be like in the wizarding world. As 2023’s best selling game worldwide, there’s evidently much that the game gets right.

However, despite its success, several mechanics are missing. One such mechanic is being able to fly on your broom while duelling in the sky. Perhaps the devs remember all too well how maddening PlayStation’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was; the words “Concentrate, Potter, and try again” still haunts me.

Magic is in the air, even if you're not, in Hogwarts Legacy

As fun as everyone thinks it would be to battle it out amongst the clouds in Hogwarts Legacy, as a gamer who had the chance to do something similar back in the 00s, I can assure you it didn’t work as well as you’d think. Granted, consoles and games have improved dramatically since then, but the bitter memories prevail.

But what if the devs meant to allow us to take flight on our brooms and cast spells? It’s a “glitch” that one player experienced which has raised questions over whether the devs scrapped the mechanic last minute. Needless to say, that speculation has run rampant now the original post of it has been removed on Reddit.

Nevertheless, the knowledge is now out there, and the fans are all for “intense” brooms battles. Imagine how different the best mission of the game would be if you could use your broom while exploring the spooks of Hogsmeade. We’ve had greatness snatched away from us, and we demand retribution.

Although DLC is coming for Xbox, Switch, and PC players, nothing else is on the horizon to try to introduce broom battles into Hogwarts Legacy. It would be amazing to see it finally included, but we fear Madam Hooch will start screaming at us once more…

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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