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Hogwarts Legacy player works out how much of our time Merlin Trials cutscenes have wasted

Hogwarts Legacy player works out how much of our time Merlin Trials cutscenes have wasted

Merlin and his damn trials!

There are many aspects of Hogwarts Legacy we adore, but the Merlin Trials isn’t one of them.

As far as Harry Potter related quests go, this is one we try to rush through whenever possible.

But do you know how long you waste playing Merlin’s silly little games?

Magic is all around you in Hogwarts Legacy

“Yeah, it really needs a skip button,” one Redditor remarked about this tedious section of the Warner Bros’ game.

“I am going for platinum, and I found myself wanting to stop because of them; wouldn't be so bad if there was more variety to the trials lol.”

One Hogwarts Legacy player has worked it out so you don’t have to, though it might make you madder when you know the final time wasted.

It feels like an agonisingly long time trying to make it through these trials, but how long does it actually take?

According to ChezKeetel, a Redditor and Ravenclaw, “[It] takes up approximately 950 seconds, which is about 16 minutes.”

That doesn’t sound too bad when we put it into perspective. Still, as the OP says, “[It’s] still annoying to wait after each trial.”

Other fans, however, don’t mind the cutscenes; one player said, “Idk it gives me time to take another bite from my snack bowl.”

When snacks are involved, time to shovel in another mouthful is welcomed. Still, when the snack table empties, we’re left with an annoying number of scenes to power through.

Those that are desperate to skip the fluff can follow the lead of this clever fan who has found an easy way to be rid of Merlin’s annoying trials for good.

“Just downloaded a mod to skip the cutscene on the Merlin trials,” they said. Sadly, they weren’t smart enough to install it before the trials started, and so they’re saving the mod for their “second playthrough”.

Under 17 minutes might not sound like much, but for those who’ve played Merlin’s Trials, they know all too well how long it feels.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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