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Hogwarts Legacy fans rally in their thousands to save sequel following announcement

Hogwarts Legacy fans rally in their thousands to save sequel following announcement

Witches and wizards unite

We like our games to be a certain way; change makes us uncomfortable, especially when it’s not for the better.

This is part of the reason Hogwarts Legacy fans are doing their damnedest to save the next game from being ruined. Ruined, we tell you!

We wouldn’t say Hogwarts Legacy is the greatest Harry Potter game of all time – as far as I’m concerned, that award goes to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on the Game Boy Colour – however, it’s still held in high regard.

The magic of Hogwarts will always stay with you

Given its loyal following, it’s hardly surprising that the fandom has started an online petition to keep the next game from going to the dark side, aka live service.

“People don't want a live service filled with microtransactions and a forced grind [...] Live services are a plague on the industry that is created that is hated by many players,” is just a small excerpt from the extremely long-winded petition statement.

Although we admire their dedication to standing up for what they believe in, the number of signatures leaves much to be desired; currently, the total stands at 6,616 signatures.

In addition to signing their names, these same players are leaving comments explaining their reason for taking a stand.

Some explanations are straight to the point, describing live service titles as “garbage”; others go into nearly as much detail as the OP, seemingly thinking it’ll help their cause.

The reasons all remain the same, though: live service will “ruin” the game.

Unfortunately, it’s going to take a lot more than stern words and a few thousand supporters for Warner Bros to listen. And even then, whether it would choose its fans over its shareholders is up for debate.

We hope Hogwarts Legacy sticks to the tried-and-true methods of its success, because if it doesn’t, many wizards are about to become Death Eaters.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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