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GTA 6 fans slam Rockstar following latest announcement

GTA 6 fans slam Rockstar following latest announcement

GTA fans are not happy – and in other obvious news, the sky is blue

In a “surprising” turn of events that, apparently, nobody saw coming, Rockstar Games didn’t announce the GTA 6 trailer as all the so-called leaks suggested. I would pretend to feign shock, but, come on, deep down we knew the trailer wasn’t going to drop. In fact, now I’m starting to wonder if it ever will.

Yet, knowing that Rockstar is pretty much trolling us all at this point, hasn’t stopped fans from slamming the devs for such deceptions. Arguably, the fandom, myself included, has done this to themselves, but when you can point fingers and get annoyed at someone else, that’s often the preferred route to go.

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In case you missed the debacle of yesterday’s Rockstar announcement, what we actually got instead of a GTA 6 trailer was a Red Dead Redemption Online outfit. Yay. Seriously though, it’s not that the outfit doesn’t look cool, it’s just not exactly exhilarating news when an entire community is nigh on yeeting itself into space whenever a certain game doesn’t get an official reveal.

The fine array of memes that flooded social media beautifully capture the frustration that gamers are feeling. Some opted for simplicity in their disappointment, saying, “You posting about the wrong game lil bro”, while others went much harder, “I might get old, have three kids, split up with my wife, and Grand Theft Auto 6 still won’t be announced.” Considering a delay is looking likely, now more than ever, the idea that we might be nearing the grave by the time GTA 6 launches feels less like a joke every day.

And so the return to rumours is all we can do – from worrying about “disgusting” price leaks, to the promises that the game’s graphics are “lightyears ahead” of RDR II. I can’t help but wonder if this tedious song and dance will lead to people losing interest in the game by the time it launches; it’s being dangerously hyped up and, as we saw with Starfield, sometimes the only way from there is down. But we’ll keep enduring, though only because we have no other choice.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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