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GTA 6 fans terrified we're gonna see a fan-favourite character killed off

GTA 6 fans terrified we're gonna see a fan-favourite character killed off

A worrying thought

Grand Theft Auto players think a beloved character is going to die during GTA VI’s story, and now we’re scared too.

It still feels like GTA VI is a world away, even though we now know it’s coming out towards the end of 2025, but that hasn’t stopped players from theorising on what the next Rockstar Games story will entail.

See the trailer for GTA VI yourself below

So far players have predicted if the two main characters, Lucia and Jason, will actually survive to the end of the game, if any Vice City characters will appear for cameos, or, the one we’re talking about today, if any fan-favourite characters will bite the dust again.

I’m sure anyone who played GTA IV and GTA V will remember that Johnny, the protagonist of GTA IV’s Lost And The Damned DLC gets murdered by Trevor during his introduction sequence.

It’s a shocking scene, and a perfect way of showing off just how unhinged Trevor is as a character, though now it has fans wondering if Rockstar has something similar planned for GTA VI.

Redditor Reprise7690 took to the platform with a joke about GTA VI’s campaign bringing in old favourites like Niko Bellic’s cousin Roman, or Lamar or Ron from GTA V and killing them off for more shock value.

Of course this is purely humour, but if Rockstar has done it before it’s more than likely they’ll do it again at some point.

One commenter suggested they “could see them killing Trevor off via Jason through his own intro if that makes sense,” which seems a bit unlikely but honestly anything could happen.

We won’t know for sure until late into 2025, when GTA VI finally launches for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and potentially PC though it’s expected that port will launch sometime later.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games