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Far Cry 7 job listing teases third-person mode

Far Cry 7 job listing teases third-person mode

The winds of change are here

The Far Cry series looks like it’s working on a third-person mode, if this job advert is to be believed. Needless to say, fans are curious about this change in direction.

A Far Cry 7 tease from a leaker earlier this year has us wondering if the game is due to launch sooner than expected.

In addition to this, we’re now wondering if the feel of the upcoming Far Cry game will be notably different to what’s gone before.

Do you remember when we got the first Far Cry 6 teaser?

Reddit revealed the news via a post from Geekinout, a Portuguese news outlet. The article in question references Ubisoft in search of an employee to “create animation systems for the player from the first-person perspective, as well as the equivalent replication [third-person].”

This “cool” feature is one that fans are intrigued about, but not exactly surprised by. As one fan queried, “Aren’t third-person animations always required for multiplayer to function?”

Mostly, though, the comments revolved around the fandom’s need for a new game, period. Redditor Negan-Cliffhanger said, “I love this series but six is one of the worst and I hope they've learned from their misstep. [Far Cry] 7 would be better without backpacks, for starters.”

It feels apt that this job listing has popped up when the franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary. We’re not saying there’s anything to it, but there’s not not either.

Now that Far Cry 6 has been quietly killed off by Ubisoft, the way is clear for the team to focus on making the next instalment everything the fandom has been asking for; hopefully this job advertisement is proof of that.

But with details about the next game so scarce, it’s important to remember that job listings can mislead us because we view them through a warped perspective fuelled by wishful thinking.

Still, while we might be filling in the blanks incorrectly, there’s no doubt that players want a “new far cry game so bad”.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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