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Fallout X Call of Duty appears online ahead of official announcement

Fallout X Call of Duty appears online ahead of official announcement

Now this crossover holds promise

We didn’t have this down on our 2024 bingo card, but maybe we should have.

After all, Amazon’s Fallout has become a pop culture phenomenon, leaving multiple brands scrambling to take full advantage of our uranium fever.

Combine this with the fact that Call of Duty enjoys crossovers some of us never dared to dream of, it makes sense that Activision is adding more flavour into its franchise. Hopefully, that will be better received than its Rubber Ducky operator.

Fallout 4 or New Vegas? We answer that question below

In a recent datamine, information regarding future content for Modern Warfare III was discovered in which it suggests Fallout inspired content is coming.

Alongside the Fallout data, the same dataminer also found files for Gundam and The Crow.

No shade towards those franchises, but we’re more bothered about Fallout colliding with Call of Duty, and apparently, so are most of the gamers who’ve seen the leak.

“Fallout. Life is complete,” reads one post. Simple, but emphasises our love of all things Fallout.

Further down the comments, someone said, “I guess I gotta play CoD again, crazy.” Those are the rules, we’re afraid to say.

That being said, not everyone is pleased by this unofficial announcement – we’re saying unofficial because neither Bethesda nor Activision have confirmed such a crossover is happening.

One Twitter user commented, “If it's just a 20 dollar skin from the store, that's not a cross over.”

Fans of both IPs want real bang for their buck, not just a skin or two that doesn’t really add anything worthwhile to the experience.

We’re eager to see where this crossover will take us, if indeed it takes us anywhere. If it proves to be nothing more than a false promise, we can be happy knowing a new game will arrive before Fallout 5.

What can we say, the Wasteland has our hearts.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks, Activision

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