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Dying Light 2 free download launches major new mode

Dying Light 2 free download launches major new mode

Dying Light 2 is getting another mode!

A free update for Dying Light 2 is adding a whole new mod, and some lucky players can try it for free right now.

Dying Light 2 has come leaps and bounds from what it once was, thanks to several post-launch updates that have added new content as well as tweaked what was already there to be more fun.

Check out Dying Light 2 below

So far the parkour, enemy design, and weapon sandbox has been improved just to name a few things, but the topic of discussion today is the introduction of a brand-new mode, Tower Raid.

As the name implies this mode is set in a multi-story story where players will fight to the death for plenty of goodies and rewards.

You can either play it solo or work together with friends, as you fend off several special infected and other threats that lurk in the darkness.

At the time of writing the mode hasn’t been officially released, though players interested in giving it a go can try it out for free thanks to an open beta on PC.

Unfortunately those on Xbox and PlayStation will have to wait for their version of the mode to be added, but rest assured you’ll get to try it yourselves eventually.

A total of five rewards are up for grabs, spread across 12 floors with 20 modifiers and five new levels at Jai’s to progress through.

It’s also been said that on 4 July a new difficulty mode will be added called “Elite Mode” for those who want a bit more challenge.

Dying Light 2 keeps getting better and better after a troubled development cycle and a rocky launch, with this new mod being just one of many redeeming qualities the game now has compared to what it used to be like.

Featured Image Credit: Techland

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