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A Call Of Duty X Warhammer crossover is being developed

A Call Of Duty X Warhammer crossover is being developed

The crossover that no one saw coming is actually happening

In the world of crossovers, there are many we have dreamt of at GAMINGbible, though never have we considered marrying together Call of Duty with Warhammer. Maybe we just haven’t dreamed big enough, or maybe it’s because we thought it impossible.

With fans in agreement that Call of Duty has become a “bloated mess”, all has not been well in the COD community for some time now. A disquiet that was most tangibly felt when Modern Warfare 3 launched. Yet, despite it falling short for many gamers, the game still broke records regardless.

Make sure to watch the campaign trailer for Modern Warfare 3

We’re not sure if learning that a COD Warhammer crossover is imminent will solve the numerous issues dogging the franchise, but we’re still eager to see how it pans out all the same.

The discovery was made during a datamine of MW3 in which, not only was Warhammer content unearthed but so too were unused maps soon to return to the franchise. As for the Warhammer information specifically, artwork was also located during the mine, further adding weight to the belief that a Warhammer 40k collab is coming.

Deeper into the datamines, Operators for Interrogator Chaplain of the Dark Angels Boreas and Sister of Battle Helewise were also located; as anyone from Warhammer will tell you, those two characters are well known to the fandom.

Although some are keen to see the collab in the flesh, others simply want the game to work – “Why are we worrying about collabs when the game is unplayable… Literally,” commented one player in response to the news.

Still, while disgruntled fans criticise Activision for delivering a broken game, others are quite excited at the prospect of this new chapter in COD collabs. “This is kinda exciting!” one tweet read “As a long-time fan of WH40K and FPS like COD, this has piqued my interest.”

Hopefully, what we eventually launch will be a well-rounded, thoroughly detailed collab rather than a few token skins and a couple of new Operators.

Featured Image Credit: Activision, Games Workshop

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