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Borderlands 4 teased ahead of official reveal

Borderlands 4 teased ahead of official reveal

Enough with the teasing – we need the reveal!

Borderlands 4 feels like that one carrot that’s been dangled in front of us way too long. Yet, ahead of an official announcement, more teasers have come.

According to insiders, the next Borderlands title will be revealed at Summer Games Fest.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that that SGF is almost upon us.

Remember when we got the official Borderlands 3 trailer?

And with such an event on the horizon comes a string of speculation and gossip. Some of which are more reliable than others.

One rumour doing the rounds is that 2K Games will announce Borderlands 4.

During a discussion on Exputer, user Kurakasis made this bold claim: “It has been discovered via eXputer's contacts that 2K will offer Borderlands 4's first-ever reveal at the upcoming Summer Game Fest on 7 June.”

This has since been shared on Twitter by Wario64, leading fans to build upon the rumour with more rumours as they try to separate fact from fiction.

From there, players are also wondering what direction the next instalment with go in; specifically with the hopes it’ll introduce something innovative and new.

“I love Borderlands, but I really hope they actually do something different with this one,” posted @meleedamageUK.

“And I pray the writing is more akin to the dark comedy of the first game, rather than the sheer cringeworthy stupidity of Borderlands 3.”

For others, though, they'd rather not have a Borderlands announcement at all; @ResonantJustice posted, “I was really hoping it would be the new BioShock.”

As a huge BioShock fan, I too would love to see a new game revealed. I know we have Judas to look forward to, but I crave more.

Either way, it’s not like we have long to wait to see if this tease is indeed true; tomorrow, we will know all, and with that knowledge we can mourn and/or celebrate.

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games

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