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Starfield massive end of year update outlined by Bethesda, with some huge changes

Starfield massive end of year update outlined by Bethesda, with some huge changes

Starfield could be on the cusp of greatness, finally

The New Year isn’t just a time when we try to change ourselves for the better but also when developers try to do the same too. Although Bethesda won’t be giving up meat or trying to set boundaries, it will be updating Starfield to incorporate huge changes.

Starfield has had a complicated year, and it only launched in September. From being called boring to getting snubbed at the Game Awards 2023, the sci-fi RPG hasn’t really reached the heights it promised during its heavy marketing period.

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Yet Bethesda is eager to rectify its mistakes, though they’re not calling them mistakes because we’re wrong, not them. In its end-of-year outline, the publisher has promised to update content “roughly every six weeks”, with its first major update scheduled for February.

A brief overview of the intended changes was listed on Reddit, with Bethesda linking to the full details for everyone to read through at their leisure, likely when we’re full of Christmas dinner and about to nod off.

As you’d expect, fans have some additional notes to offer. “Please add filters to the star map, like those on Google Maps. It would be a huge quality of life improvement to easily see where shipyards or settlements I've visited are. It should not be necessary to consult a website to figure this out,” suggested one gamer in response to the ‘City Maps’ update.

“How about a quick way to travel to your purchased properties? Not much point in having them, customizing and storing things there, if it takes 20 minutes to get there; if you even remember how to get there!” cried someone else, before snidely adding, “Take a few pointers from Skyrim…

Skyrim is definitely the shadow Starfield can never get away from. But who knows, maybe Starfield will get a redemption arc like Cyberpunk 2077 and become a game we’re all enamoured with…? It seems unlikely not, but stranger things have happened.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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