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Beloved Game Theorist MatPat is leaving YouTube for good

Beloved Game Theorist MatPat is leaving YouTube for good

The Game Theorist MatPat has announced his retirement from YouTube, and we can't stop crying

Beloved YouTuber Matthew ‘MatPat Patrick, best known for his channel The Game Theorists, has announced his permanent departure from the video platform.

The Game Theorists is a channel with over 18 million subscribers and posts videos about popular and obscure game theories, and gained notoriety through its Five Nights At Freddy’s timeline videos.

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MatPat was front and center in the majority of the videos, explaining with little animations what theory he was cooking up at the moment, as well as what evidence he’d found to support his ideas. The YouTuber has dealt with his fair share of controversies, such as when he was granted the opportunity to go to the Vatican and meet the Pope. Attendees were asked to bring a gift to the event from their respective fields, resulting in MatPat gifting a copy of Undertale, which many people took offence to.

All in all though, MatPat has had a great career on YouTube, though now he’s happy to step away from the platform for good.

In the channel’s latest video, “Goodbye Internet,” MatPat explains that his decision to leave is not a bad one. He explains he’s been “work first for over a decade,” and now feels like it’s the right time to step away and spend more time with growing family.

He goes on to explain “As much as I love you and I love overthinking things, and I love theorizing, I don’t love late nights.”

The decision ultimately revolves around the desire to spend more time with his partner, Stephanie, as well as their son Oliver, who was born in 2018. Matpat said “I miss the days where I could just sit down on the couch with [Stephanie] and play video games, and it’s not for content.”

MatPat confirmed in the video that the game theories will continue in his absence, as he will be ““handing off the channels to someone else,” though it’s currently unknown who’ll be taking over.

Featured Image Credit: The Game Theorists- YouTube

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