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The 'Warzone' Gulag Has Been Perfectly Rebuilt In 'Minecraft'

The 'Warzone' Gulag Has Been Perfectly Rebuilt In 'Minecraft'

Time for a bit of the old argy-bargy.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

If you've ever played Call Of Duty: Warzone, you're probably well antiquated with the Gulag. This charming, leaky prison is where players end up the first time they're killed during a game, and it's where some of the most intense moments of Warzone can take place.

See, once you've been dragged to the Gulag, you're then thrown into a 1v1 with another eliminated player for a chance to respawn and rejoin the game. Other eliminated players can also run around the perimeter of the arena and lob rocks at you to distract you while they wait for their turn. It's all very Chuck Palahniuk.

Call Of Duty: Warzone /

Not to brag, but I've spent a lot of time in The Gulag. Maybe more time than I've ever spent in any other area of Warzone's Verdansk map. I can't say I'm a fan of it.

As it turns out though, there are some players out there who really do grave the Gulag - to the point that they're willing to rebuild it in other games just to get their fix of imprisonment. Reddit user leonejedi (thanks, PC Gamer) has rebuilt the Gulag from scratch in Minecraft, and it's pretty damn impressive.

Take a look at it for yourself below. Speaking as someone all-too familiar with the inside of the Gulag, I can say with confidence that this is an accurate recreation. I can even see the corner that I run to every single time. Incidentally, that's the corner where I'm brutally shot dead every single time. Weird coincidence, I guess.

The Minecraft Gulag /

What's even cooler is that leonejedi has made the Minecraft Gulag their spawn point, meaning every time they die, they end up back there. Just as you would in a game of Warzone. The only difference is that in the Minecraft prison you can leave without having to endure the humiliation of being shot in the head and immediately teabagged by a kid from Hull who sounds no older than 11.

Hopefully leonejedi can turn their attention to remaking the entire Verdansk map in Minecraft eventually, because this take on the Gulag really is awesome. It'd be so cool to see landmarks like the Dam, Stadium, and Quarry in all their blocky glory. They could even include the bunkers and mysterious underground systems that Infinity Ward has yet to officially reveal.

Actually, what I've just described would definitely be more than a one-gamer job. Maybe someone out there can make it happen, though?

Featured Image Credit: Activision/Microsoft

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