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Landlord Thinks Tenant Is A Spy, Puts Their Entire PC In The Bath

Landlord Thinks Tenant Is A Spy, Puts Their Entire PC In The Bath

The unfortunate incident may have been influenced by mental health issues.



Words: Catherine Lewis

A Reddit user has reportedly had their PC dumped in a bath after their landlord suspected them of being a government spy. Posted on the r/pcmasterrace subreddit, user _FedoraTipperBot_ shared their story, with images PC users may find disturbing - their setup completely submerged in the bath, and the caption: "Landlord thought I was a government agent and decided to lock me out to do this. RIP 3080 FE".

It turns out that _FedoraTipperBot_ and their friend had recently moved into a new apartment, and had been having ongoing issues with their landlord cutting off the internet and power. Their landlord had been acting suspiciously since they first moved in; inspecting their tech and even asking them to sign paperwork to declare they didn't work for a government agency, or were going to collect data on him. Things reached a boiling point when the landlord declared he was evicting them, and upon getting the police involved and eventually being able to re-enter the apartment, they discovered the PC murder scene.

"I do know this all sounds insane and unbelievable, which is something I'm sort of dealing with now - it really doesn't feel real yet but it will probably hit me sometime soon," _FedoraTipperBot_ explained in the thread. "His suspicion of me began with the fact that I have a CS [Computer Science] degree and am going to graduate school nearby for CS. Obviously anyone who knows how to program knows how to spy on people, right?"

The sad truth behind this whole tale is that the landlord apparently suffers with psychosis, which is obviously a very serious issue, and there was seemingly nothing that could have been done to prevent the situation from happening at the time. Hopefully the landlord will get the help and support he needs going forward.

Featured Image Credit: Christian Wiediger via Unsplash

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