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Gamer Finds A Way To Connect With His Late Girlfriend In Forza

Gamer Finds A Way To Connect With His Late Girlfriend In Forza

In a series of heartbreaking videos, one TikToker has shared how the game's offline mode has helped him feel close to his girlfriend again.

Content warning: Mention of death and suicide - reader discretion is advised

TikTok is a place full of many, many things. While it might have originally grown a bit of a reputation for being a silly dancing app heavily populated by teenagers, I think it’s safe to say that it’s moved past that now, and most people accept it for being the diverse platform it is. 

As you’d expect then, there’s a lot of heartfelt and sad stuff on there, too, and there’s currently nothing that’s touching the hearts of gamers on the app more than one TikToker’s story of how he’s keeping close to his girlfriend after she passed away.

In a series of heart wrenching videos, relaxitsjonas has been posting about his loss, and how he’s been able to carry on gaming with his girlfriend even after she passed on thanks to Forza’s offline mode.

“My girlfriend passed away two months ago and I’ve been searching for any way to connect. Forza has an offline mode where you can drive with your Xbox Live friends and she showed up,” relaxitsjonas wrote in one of his video captions. “I told her about how I am, how awful I feel without her and how much I miss us. It hurt to talk to her and not get a response. I drove with her for an hour before my game crashed. I have over 200 Xbox friends and it took around an hour for her to show up.”

Other TikTok users have been showing their support and offering their condolences: “Forza doesn’t understand how much they helped this man. I’m truly sorry for your loss,” commented noworthfrombirth. “My husband does this with one of his best friends that passed. Always gets excited when his friend wins,” wrote caitosaurusx.

There are a number of these videos on relaxitsjonas’ profile, but it needs to be noted that many of them, and the comments below them, make reference to suicide and suicidal ideation, so viewer discretion is advised. If you have been affected by any issues like those raised in this article, help is always available - visit the Samaritans website here

Featured Image Credit: Playground Games, Xbox Game Studios

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