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Palworld soars past 25 million players as dev promises new features

Palworld soars past 25 million players as dev promises new features

That's a lot of players

Some said Palworld would be a flash in the pan, a passing fad, and while yes, it has lost a lot of players recently, you can’t deny the draw the game has.

This fact has been celebrated by the developer Pocket Pair Inc. as they announced the game has soared past over 25 million players across all platforms. This breaks down as 15 million players from Steam, while the other 10 million comes from Xbox. Not only is that a staggering number of players, but it has been a goldmine for the developer.

Palworld continues its meteoric rise by celebrating a huge milestone

While many of those Xbox Palworld players will have taken advantage of Xbox Game Pass to experience the game, the same cannot be said of the Steam players. This means the game sold over 15 million copies at £24.99, which is bananas in terms of revenue for the small team behind the game.

And there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down on their part. As they mentioned in their celebratory Tweet, the team says “We will continue to prioritize fixing bugs and preventing further cheating.” before thanking the community for their continued support. This comes on the back of recent news that many players are leaving the game behind for other titles, which Pocket Pair Inc. are not worried about, as they understand players will bounce from one game to another.

It’s also understandable that the game shed a few players as the survival game genre is booming right now, with the release of Enshrouded, plus Nightingale. Given the type of game Palworld is, it’s highly likely fans will come back over time whenever new Pals are added to the game, or when it passes major development points in the early access roadmap. For now, it’s well worth celebrating this great game and all its players.

Featured Image Credit: Pocket Pair Inc

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