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One of Bethesda's best games is free for a very limited time

One of Bethesda's best games is free for a very limited time

Definitely not one to miss for fans of political thrillers.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is available for free for download through the Epic Games Store, and if that wasn't enough for you to turn tail and claim that game as soon as possible, here's a short spiel to convince you.

Wolfenstein... didn't have an intellectual angle to its games, though the content was clearly political. The earlier entries are set in the midst of World War II where soldiers and spies would undermine the Führer's plans to weaponise supernatural technology to take over the whole world. While catalysing the stealth shooter genre, the games did have a sense of humour, like Wolfenstein 3D possessing a secret Pac-Man themed level and costuming elite guards in Wolfenstein 2009 in black catsuits and giving them "energy whips."

Wolfenstein: The New Order, on the other hand, is set in 1960 following Germany's triumph over the Allies. Anti-Nazi resistance fighters are rounded up and executed and those who remain discover the Nazis' plans to use advanced technology to enslave and subjugate the rest of the world. The characters that BJ Blazkowicz encounters are difficult to forget, and the transformed cities in this alternate history are both terrifying and striking, that this could have happened.

We definitely recommend it. This offer for Wolfenstein: The New Order expires today at 4.00pm GMT, and you can work out when that is in your own timezone with this calculator.

Additionally, the third game in the reboot has been seemingly in development since late September of last year. MachineGames is handling both the new Indiana Jones game (could there be a better match?) and an "unannounced project," and given the reception of The New Order and The New Colossus, we'd be surprised if the developer wasn't rounding it out to a trilogy. And three is a magic number, after all.

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