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OG Windows Pinball is 'the only remaster we need', gamers agree

OG Windows Pinball is 'the only remaster we need', gamers agree

Remasters are a staple of the gaming industry nowadays, but there's only one remaster fans want more than anything else, Windows Pinball

Remakes and remasters are a staple of gaming at the moment, in fact some of the highest rated games of the year so far are remasters or remakes. However there’s only one remaster gamers have on their minds right now, Windows Pinball.

Yes you read that right, gamers are calling for a remaster of Windows Pinball, a fun little pinball game that came preinstalled on past Windows computers, before disappearing in future versions of the software. It had a fun “Space Cadet” aesthetic, and was perfect for a bit of procrastination in-between projects.

Reddit user TurboTBag took everyone down memory lane when they shared a screenshot of the software, along with the caption “The only remaster that we need” and honestly we couldn’t be in more agreement.

That being said, Windows Pinball hasn’t gone anywhere, you can still download it for free from the Microsoft store, and it’s still good fun for 10-15 minutes when you’ve got nothing else to do, we just think it deserves a fresh coat of paint. Some enhanced visuals and maybe some new themes would do it a world of good although some commenters believe it should return exactly how we remember it.

“No, no. You can't mess with perfection. I think I still have this game and I wouldn't want any modern day dev to touch it. Next thing you know they'd charged $40 for a battle bass or start charging for balls.”

“I can hear the sounds in my mind by just looking at that image. Good times.”

“i had to have played this an easy 2-3,000 hours growing up.”

Safe to say the post unlocked some memories in a lot of people, and while we can still play it exactly how it shipped years ago, it would be nice to see Microsoft put some respect on the GOAT’s name with a fancy new re-release.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft