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NVIDIA GPUs Stolen In GTA-Style Truck Heist

NVIDIA GPUs Stolen In GTA-Style Truck Heist

A shipment of 30-Series GPUs have been stolen from a truck.

In case you haven’t heard, NVIDIA’s 30 Series GPUs are like gold dust. If you’re a PC gamer you’ll know how notoriously difficult it is to get your hands on a 3090 these days - between a huge number of these cards being bought out by crypto enthusiasts and the semiconductor shortage that’s affecting all of the tech industry right now. The shortage of PlayStation 5s is caused by the same problem. But now it seems that there are full-on heists going on to get these cards, perhaps to sell on or to put into crypto farms. 

As reported by GameSpot, a truckload of 30-series GPUs has been stolen between San Francisco and a California distribution centre. It’s not clear how the truck was apprehended by the thieves but an entire shipment was yoinked by them. EVGA product manager Jacob went to the company forums to inform fans of the issue and warned that anyone buying a 30-series should check their product registration. 

Each product in this shipment was worth between $329.99 and $1959.99 according to the post, which means this is easily a loss in the tens of thousands, and maybe even into the hundred thousands. That’s a whole range of products that could be sold on eBay or other sites to unsuspecting buyers. But as the blog post says, even owning one of these products is an illegal activity. 

So fair warning: “It is a criminal and civil offence to 'buy or receive' property that has been stolen. Cal. Penal Code section 496(a). It is also a criminal and civil offence to 'conceal, sell, withhold, or aid in concealing selling or withholding' any such property.” Jacob details how you can check if your card is one of those involved in this heist, by checking its serial number or registering the product. But if you happen to know anything about this theft there is also an email address you can send information to: [email protected]. That’s pretty to the point, isn’t it?

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar / EVGA

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