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Nokia Is Bringing Back One Of Its Most Popular 2000s Phones

Nokia Is Bringing Back One Of Its Most Popular 2000s Phones

If you want a slice of the 00s, Nokia is bringing back one of its classic phone models.

There’s nothing like indulging in a bit of nostalgia from time to time. Whether it’s pulling out your favourite consoles from bygone eras or using PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass to revisit classic titles from your younger days, the options are endless.

As they say, a dose of nostalgia a day keeps the doctor away. Well, no one’s ever said that but you get my point. Our old favourites can be comforting and whilst I don’t doubt that you love your very modern smartphones, I bet you’ve sat there on occasion reminiscing about phones of yesteryear. Well, you may be delighted to know that Nokia is re-releasing one of its classic models.

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An icon of the 2000s, Nokia are officially re-releasing the Nokia 8210 albeit with a slight overhaul. The updated model has 4G, a 2022 staple, but is otherwise fitted with classic features like an old-style keypad and a good ol’ bricky build.

The screen has been enlarged to 2.8 inches as everyone knows our modern technology-destroyed eyes are inferior to those of our younger selves. The phone is also fitted with a camera, although it does have 0.3 megapixel resolution but if you’re after that 00s grainy look, then what more do you need.

There’s also FM radio connectivity (DAB? No chance) plus an MP3 player and perhaps best of all, you can play Snake which everyone knows is the greatest game of all time. If you’re up for rocking the Y2K look, a Nokia 8210 4G will set you back £65 which is more money than I was anticipating but I guess nostalgia has its value. You will have to get used to spending 10 minutes typing out a text again though.

Featured Image Credit: Rex Features, Nokia

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