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Ninja's Twitch Viewership Has Taken A Big Hit, But He's Not Bothered

Ninja's Twitch Viewership Has Taken A Big Hit, But He's Not Bothered

Ninja's viewers are much lower than they were a few years ago.

When you talk about the biggest Twitch streamers in the world, the name Ninja might still come to mind. The content creator was the biggest name playing the world’s biggest game only a few years ago but with time, both of those facts have changed. Fortnite was, and still is, technically massive but other battle royales began to steal its thunder. Similarly, Ninja was the biggest name in streaming but his viewership has steadily declined - but thankfully, he doesn’t seem to mind too much. 

When talking to The Washington Post, the content creator’s priorities have changed. Although he used to entertain huge numbers - 100,000 concurrent viewers or more - his average viewership is now anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 instead. Not a number to be sniffed at, by any means, but not the eye-watering height of his career either. 

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Ninja’s life has changed and he completely acknowledges that being on top is no longer his priority. He says: “No one’s gonna stay on top forever, especially when it comes to live-streaming; there’s always somebody new and hot. I have no intention of being that guy anymore. I know I’m not going to pull 100,000 viewers on [Twitch] anymore. I don’t have time to do that. I have a wife, I have a family.”

He continues: “I have been doing Fortnite, which is obviously what blew me up, so it’s great that I’m starting to enjoy the game [again] and can stream it and play it and just have fun. But whenever I want to play any other game, I can switch to that and know that it really isn’t going to affect anything on the back end with deals or anything. It’s incredibly relaxing to be able to play what I want.”

The people at the top of the Twitch meta now, like Ludwig, xQc, Hasan Piker, Amouranth, and more won’t be there forever either. Everyone takes it in turns in the spotlight - it’s about making sure that when the spotlight moves to someone else you’ve used your platform wisely to secure deals, make products, and diversify your work. That’s the trick to Twitch. 

Featured Image Credit: Tyler Blevins / Epic Games

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