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Nickmercs banned from Twitch for transphobic slur

Nickmercs banned from Twitch for transphobic slur

The streamer has been banned

The popular streamer Nickmercs, real name Nick Kolcheff has been banned from Twitch due to using a transphobic slur during a stream.

Nickmercs who has over 6.7 million followers on Twitch, over four million on subscribers YouTube and 6.7 million followers on the new streaming platform Kick, which launched in 2022 has found himself in hot water once more. The streamer, perhaps best known for his Call of Duty content, had his very own Operator skin pulled for Warzone following an anti-LGBTQIA+ tweet in June 2023.

Following his Call of Duty: Warzone skin being pulled, Nickmercs refused to play 2023’s Modern Warfare III as an act of protest against Activision. Now, Nicmercs has found himself a recipient of a Twitch ban due to more recent anti-LGBTQIA+ comments.

As reported by InsiderGaming, Nickmercs was caught saying the word “tranny” during a recent stream. This is, as I'm sure you know, commonly used as an offensive and derogatory slur for transgender individuals and on various social media platforms, it is rightly considered to be a form of hate speech.

“There’s no such thing as trans people,” said Nickmercs during a stream before using the “tranny” slur. In response to being banned from Twitch, Nickmercs tweeted “Banned for using the word “Tranny” on Twitch. Apparently that’s a derogatory term. That’s on me. Next time I’ll use mental health disorder.”

Despite not being in hot water for the first time, this is the first time that Nickmercs has been banned from the Twitch streaming platform. At this time, it’s not known how long the ban will be in effect.

Regardless of when the co-founder of FaZe Clan will return, we wouldn't be surprised if this isn't the last time that Nickmercs will find himself caught in the middle of social media controversy.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon/Nickmercs (via Twitch)

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