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New 'The Last Of Us Part I' Footage Looks Miles Better Than Reveal Trailer

New 'The Last Of Us Part I' Footage Looks Miles Better Than Reveal Trailer

Now that's more like it

New footage of The Last Of Us Part I in action shows a significant improvement in visuals over the original 2013 game, a welcome update following a reveal trailer that left many feelin distinctly underwhelmed.

The Last Of Us Part I, a "ground-up" remake of The Last Of Us with overhauled visuals and enhanced gameplay, was shown off earlier this month during Sony's surprise State Of Play.

Take a look for yourself below!

Fans were immediately divided upon seeing the game, however, with many arguing that the remake doesn't look that much better than The Last Of Us Remastered, which was released for PlayStation 4 back in 2014. Comparison shots of the two games side-by-side quickly flooded the internet, and debates about frayed sleeves and extra beard hairs dominated Twitter.

While The Last Of Us Part I does look noticeably better in a few shots from that first trailer, I can totally see why some fans are confused as to where the differences are. Certainly, I think it was a mistake for the trailer not to focus on the new gameplay, and instead show us enhanced versions of cutscenes that have looked great since 2013.

Hopefully a new snippet of footage shared by Naughty Dog on social media has gone some way towards winning over the more skeptical fans, though.

The developer shared a comparison of Joel's partner in crime Tess, nine years apart, and the difference between the original game and the remake has never been clearer. Take a look below.

The level of detail in Tess' expression and clothes is nothing short of remarkable in The Last Of Us Part I, and a clear sign that Naughty Dog hasn't been screwing around with this remake. She looks older, and far more exhausted than she did back in the original game - exactly what you'd expect someone living in The Last Of Us' hellish world to look like.

In short, the remake's characters all look way more human than they did before, which is really saying something. All those scenes that broke your heart the first time around? I fear they're about to pack way more of a punch when The Last Of Us Part I arrives in September.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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