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‘Gotham Knights’ 14 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage Shows Off Nightwing And Red Hood

‘Gotham Knights’ 14 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage Shows Off Nightwing And Red Hood

We can now see what Gotham looks like after Batman's death.

Gotham Knights, set to release in October this year, features four of Batman’s besties, Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood, holding down the city in the wake of the caped crusader’s death.

What we know about the Gotham-based action RPG so far, is that each of the four playable protagonists will have an individual move set with a different play style depending on who you choose. However, those hoping to play on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, will be disappointed, as it was recently announced that it’s only coming to the latest generation of consoles

You can check out the latest Gotham Knights gameplay in the video below.

In the trailer we see Nightwing, the latest alter ego of Dick Grayson who was himself a former Robin. You can check out his special gadget, a glider known as the “Flying Trapeze”. As the name suggests, Nightwing is very acrobatic in his combat and play style. 

Red Hood can traverse the city of Gotham by springboarding off platforms he creates below him. Red Hood plays as a much slower, stronger character compared to Nightwing, getting off less hits but doing more damage when they land.

Their main weapons are also very different. Red Hood specialises in dual wielding pistols - though the game's director Geoff Ellenor is keen to point out the rounds are non-lethal - while Nightwing has what looks like a element-based nightsticks.

The trailer goes on to show off the Batcycle, which is usable by all protagonists. They also show the base where all protagonists work from, and some of the UI elements and overworld map. We also learn quite a bit about the story from some of the dialogue and cutscenes shown off.

From a look at this gameplay it seems development is going well and we are likely to be able to play the game for ourselves by the end of the year.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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