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Netflix's latest cancellation is especially brutal

Netflix's latest cancellation is especially brutal

And just a little bit ironic.

Amidst an almost incessant cannonade of cancellations, Netflix's latest show to be done away with is somewhat of a tragic one.

Starring Randall Park, Melissa Fumero, Olga Merediz, Tyler Alvarez, Madeleine Arthur and J. B. Smoove, Blockbuster told the story of the very last rental store of that historic brand in the United States. As a workplace comedy, manager Timmy (played by Park) strove to keep the store afloat while he and the rest of the staff tried to balance their own chaotic lives.

It's ironic that this found an audience on Netflix, one of the streaming services that facilitated its downfall, and once again is it that surprising that Blockbuster didn't survive past its first season?

Each to their own. Check out the trailer for Blockbuster here!

Scanning Rotten Tomatoes for reviews, the overall sentiment is that the show is out of time, in more ways than one. "You don’t watch this show the way you watch other shows. You just stare at it every now and then and sometimes forget about it while it’s still playing," said The Irish Independent. Vulture added that the show never broke into the weekly top ten shows on Netflix, which is as good as a death knell as anything.

These statements are appreciably tepid compared to the response to the cancellations of things like The Midnight Club, Fate: The Winx Saga and Warrior Nun. The hashtag "#CancelNetflix" spread like wildfire across social media as a disappointed reaction to the company's brutal approach to creating and cancelling shows even if they gained a lot of love from fans. I've said it before but maybe it's best that we don't get attached to any new Netflix shows. Like a newborn antelope in a nature documentary.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix, Ralph Nas via Pixexid

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