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Netflix's Horizon Show Gets Title And Story Details

Netflix's Horizon Show Gets Title And Story Details

Okay, this sounds pretty good

The first details of the upcoming Horizon TV series from Netflix and Sony have emerged online, and it actually sounds like it could be pretty great.

Sony confirmed it would be developing a new series based on 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn earlier this year, revealing it had partnered up with Netflix for the project. A number of other PlayStation adaptations are also in various stages of development, including The Last Of Us for HBO and God Of War for Amazon Prime.

Weeks after the initial announcement, reporter Jeff Grubb has now shared some new details on the Horizon series. It sounds like the show will be called Horizon 2074, and that the drama would unfold across two time periods.

The first, obviously, would focus on the 31st century that we're used to from the video games. The other will explore exactly how the world fell apart when the machines rose up and killed everyone.

The Horizon video games obviously explore the past in a big way, with most of Aloy's adventures being rooted in the mistakes her ancestors made. Various collectible recordings and data also flesh out the story of the world just before the end, but it sounds like Horizon 2074 wants to go much further.

Grubb claims that show, which will film in Toronto, is more of a “reimagining” than an adaptation, so it's currently unclear just how different things will be. We can probably assume Aloy will star as the main character, but let's not take anything for granted at this stage.

Finally, a list of the crew was published on the Directors Guild of Canada Ontario’s website, which confirms that it's being worked on by many of the talented hands that put together hit shows like The Boys and The Expanse. A promising sign, for sure.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Netflix

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