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Netflix Has A New Most Popular Series Just Days After Release

Netflix Has A New Most Popular Series Just Days After Release

A new thriller has risen to the top of Netflix's most-watched series this week.

Netflix is churning out the news thick and fast this week. The streaming service’s upcoming BioShock film has finally landed a director and screenwriter and is set to start filming very soon, and we now know that the Horizon Zero Dawn TV series will in fact feature Aloy and is being led by The Umbrella Academy’s showrunner. Of course, it’s not just news that Netflix is churning out, it’s content too - and one new series has skyrocketed up the global trending chart.

Speaking of Netflix, check out the trailer for the upcoming Cyberpunk: Edgerunners below.

Looking for something new to watch? One new thriller has overtaken Stranger Things, Virgin River, and The Sandman to become Netflix’s current most-watched series: Echoes. The seven-episode miniseries stars Michelle Monaghan and Matt Bomer.

Echoes centres around identical twins Leni and Gina who have been swapping lives since they were kids - major The Parent Trap vibes. This means that both women share two homes and two families - regularly swapping between them. When the series kicks off though, one twin goes missing … dun dun DUUUN.

You can easily see how the secret starts to unravel. Despite the fact that Echoes has proved to be so popular, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. The series has a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of just 29% and a user score of 43% which isn’t much better, but if you’re super low on plans this weekend, hey. It’s something.

Featured Image Credit: Charlesdeluvio, Juraj Gabriel via Unsplash

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