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Need For Speed: Underground 2 fans are still campaigning for a remake

Need For Speed: Underground 2 fans are still campaigning for a remake

Fans of Need For Speed: Underground 2 are still campaigning for a remake - and for good reason.

Despite originally being released almost twenty years ago, fans are still so desperate to see a Need For Speed: Underground 2 remaster that they are campaigning for its revival.

Released in 2004 to the GameCube and PlayStation 2, Need for Speed Underground 2 was the eighth instalment in the Need For Speed franchise and a direct sequel to Need for Speed: Underground. Developed by EA, the racing game was the first in the series to feature free roam as well as the standard career mode.

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Since its launch, the title has remained a fan favourite with many calling for a current-gen update. Some fans are even heading to to create petitions calling for a Need for Speed: Underground 2 Remastered. One petition that managed to gather 1,235 supporters petitioned for the game to be brought to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Everyone loved NFSU 2, although it's not practical to play anymore. You get out the dusty PS2 or GameCube and even then, it's a bit hard to go back since we're spoilt for graphically stunning games now,” the petition summary read.What I want to happen is the exact same game, no new features, no new cars, no cops, same soundtrack, Riders on the Storm with Snoop when you open it, the same game but new 3D models and textures. Maybe toss in a custom track maker that people can race on for some community involvement and more playability.”

They also added an addendum saying, “PS. Keep Rachael. Don't make some cheap replacement for her,” referring to Rachel Teller, the protagonist’s friend who helps the player earn reputation throughout the game.

Fans flocked to the petition and shared all their reasons for wanting a remaster. “This is the game all other Need For Speed [entries] tried to be but never accomplished. There is a market for a direct remaster of this game. Hell, I would pay $90 to play this game again with updated graphics,” said one comment. High praise indeed.

It remains to be seen if EA will announce a Need for Speed: Underground 2 Remastered almost twenty years after it was first released. For now, fans will have to keep hoping.

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