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'Ms. Marvel' Finale Introduces Major MCU Moment Fans Have Waited Years For

'Ms. Marvel' Finale Introduces Major MCU Moment Fans Have Waited Years For

It's finally happening!

Spoilers for the season finale of Ms. Marvel ahead. Do not read any further if you've yet to finish the show! You've been warned.

The delightful season finale of Ms. Marvel wrapped up one of the best Disney Plus Marvel shows yet with an episode that focused on the power of community, love, and refusing to stand by in the face of oppression. It concluded a perfect origin story for Kamala Khan, and also set the stage for some very exciting developments in the MCU going forward.

This is your second spoiler warning, because I'm feeling generous. Don't read beyond the trailer if you don't want to know what the MCU is setting up!

Ms. Marvel's season finale ends with a pretty shocking reveal: that Kamala is a mutant - the first that we know about in the MCU, at that.

In the show's closing moments, Bruno informs Kamala that her powers are genetic, but not quite in the way they originally believed. The science whizz explains that her genes are "different, like a mutation". As he says this, a very subtle stab of the beloved X-Men animated series theme plays in the background, similar to how it did when Patrick Stewart's Professor X showed up in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. In other words, there's absolutely no doubt that Marvel wants us to know that mutants have officially joined the MCU, and Kamala is one of them.

While Kamala herself shrugs off this revelation, wisely observing that she doesn't need anymore labels, the implications for the MCU are massive. We've known for a while that Marvel plans to introduce the X-Men into its cinematic universe eventually, but this looks to be the first real step in that direction.

Does this mean Kamala will join up with the MCU's version of the X-Men when they finally make their debut? We'll have to wait and see, but I'm incredibly excited to see where this tease goes.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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