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MrBeast's YouTube channel has been watched by nearly 10% of the planet

MrBeast's YouTube channel has been watched by nearly 10% of the planet

He's definitely doing something right.

Jimmy 'MrBeast' Donaldson's YouTube channel with over 130 million subscribers supported with a team of 30 employees has been watched by about 10% of the entire global population.

A few years ago, YouTuber and philanthropist Donaldson said he wanted to be just like Elon Musk one day, and I am assuming that he didn't mean the number of children that the Twitter CEO has scampering about the world. Indeed, Donaldson has turned his hand to whatever enterprise he fancies, like cryptocurrency, Squid Game recreations, environmental charities, and curing the blind. That last one saw a significant backlash to the surgeries that were conducted for free on one thousand blind people in countries like the United States, Brazil, Honduras, Indonesia, Jamaica, Mexico and Namibia, as the YouTuber was accused of "playing God" with real lives.

Check out these incredible livestream wins and fails below:

Taking to Twitter, Donaldson announced that the channel has been watched by what works out to be almost 10% of Earth's population. So, it goes to show that he and his team know what they're doing, even if not everyone is pleased to see it. "Our Youtube channel has [reached] 616,000,000 different people in the last 90 days," he posted, adding a screenshot of the number of unique viewers of the MrBeast channel.

In the quote-retweets of his announcement, fans are drawing attention to the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquakes that have hit Syria and Turkey. At the moment, the death toll is estimated to be 5,100 and unfortunately, that is expected to rise as people suffer under severe cold temperatures in the countries. As Donaldson and his employees have become renowned for their generosity, it is hoped that they will use their presence online to direct attention and funds towards the 23 million people affected by the disaster.

Featured Image Credit: MrBeast via YouTube, NASA

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