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MrBeast In Hot Water Over $3.5 Million Squid Game Recreation

MrBeast In Hot Water Over $3.5 Million Squid Game Recreation

Fans question if MrBeast should be recreating a game about money's power, by spending lots of money

If you’ve watched Squid Game you probably have a very clear idea of what the themes of the show are. When you truly have no money, what length are you willing to go to become rich? Is the 'torture' of society as a person in poverty worth it, and would you rather instead gamble your life to succeed in the outside world? It’s all about how money corrupts. Money is the most important thing in the world and drives people to do the worst things imaginable. And that’s exactly why MrBeast’s version of the game, which costs $3.5 million, is in some hot water. 

See, if you’ve got any thoughts about the show, you may think that spending millions on recreating that misery is a little... out of touch. As reported by Dexerto, there are a lot of people who think it’s wrong for MrBeast to use his funds to recreate a show about how money is just thrown away by the ultra rich rather than improving society. And there are others who just think the recreation doesn’t look very good. 

As MrBeast posted videos of the complex to both TikTok and Twitter, people have been split on if the reconstruction is a good thing. In one quote tweet, user Java_jigga says: “Americans are genuinely too stupid for even Korean movies and film with the most obvious allegories of all time. This is like wow cool robot tier sh*t.” And in response to this, Wr0ught_ says: “There is no part of me that understands this. they're childrens games. They're based off of real games children play. You can just play them why do so many people think "Squid Game in real life" is cool”. 

Mr Beast is also spending a huge $3 million on the project, $2 million on the set and another $1.5 on prizes it seems, which is a lot of money. Others have criticised this spending as a direct contradiction of the themes of the series, and how the ultra rich can get anyone who isn’t ultra rich to do almost anything they want with the promise of funds.

However, there are many who rightly point out that MrBeast has in the past given away a lot of money to people less fortunate than him, to friends and family, and headed massive charity efforts like Team Trees and Team Seas. He’s also the owner of a food bank which gave away half a million dollars-worth of food on one day earlier this month. 

YouTuber MoistCr1TiKal has also made a video about this topic and argues that people shouldn’t be upset with MrBeast for spending this money because the entertainment he makes does benefit people widely. And there is no obligation from the Netflix show to help people with the money it’s made from the show, so why are people turning to MrBeast to be held responsible? That’s true, however, that argument can then just come down to the “worth” of art, and if a Netflix series showing international audiences culture and struggle in an educational way is benefiting people and making a difference in another way.

MrBeast, inevitably, will keep creating content like this for years to come, and with the number of loyal followers and supporters he has, it’s unlikely that any backlash like this one will make too much of a difference.

Featured Image Credit: MrBeast / Netflix

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