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MrBeast under fire for giving a waitress a free car

MrBeast under fire for giving a waitress a free car

MrBeast has come under fire online after he gifted a brand new car to waitress.

If there’s one thing that MrBeast is known for, it’s having bottomless pockets. The YouTuber has made quite the name for himself by carrying out elaborate stunts and by stunts, I mean the monetary kind more so than the Tom Cruise driving a motorcycle off a cliff kind. In his latest instalment, Mr Beast has given a waitress a free car but he’s come under fire for doing so.

If you’re unfamiliar with MrBeast, this is far from the most elaborate thing the content creator has done. Real name Jimmy Donaldson, MrBeast recently stirred up a debate after uploading a video titled ‘Giving 20,000 Shoes To Kids in Africa’. The concern from many is that while these stunts may seem philanthropic, it’s also how the YouTuber makes his living. A few years ago, MrBeast staged a real-life version of Netflix’s Squid Game, with the winner taking home $456,000. This latest TikTok then, which shows MrBeast gifting a waitress a car, is far less extravagant than viewers are used to.

Take a look at some of our favourite streaming wins and fails below.

As reported by Dexerto, in a recent TikTok, MrBeast gifted a car to a waitress as a way of tipping her to say thank you for the service received during his meal. He began by asking what the largest tip she’d ever received was, to which she answered $50. MrBeast then offered her the car, taking her to the car park to show that he was very much being serious. The waitress broke down in tears confessing that she was late to work that day due to a slow Uber.

The only catch is, the waitress revealed she can’t drive yet - but I suppose she could always sell the car. Either way, it’s a hefty gift. As is usually the case with many of the content creators' stunts though, some people were dubious about the whole affair. One Twitter user said, “Isn’t it gonna count as part of her income and make her go up a higher tax bracket forcing her to pay taxes she can’t afford,” while another wrote,”She was happy until she learned what the taxes/insurance would be.”

For the most part though, people pointed out the fact that MrBeast can’t win. One said, “Can’t wait for Twitter to find a way to make this a negative.” Lo and behold, they did.

Featured Image Credit: MrBeast via TikTok

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