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Modern Warfare live-action TV series 'first look' appears ahead of rumoured announcement

Modern Warfare live-action TV series 'first look' appears ahead of rumoured announcement

An insider claims that a TV series focusing on Modern Warfare's Task Force 141 is in development, and we could be getting a trailer soon.

Nowadays, it doesn’t seem like you can have a successful game series without having a TV or movie adaptation to go along with it.

Seriously, just think about how many have recently been released and how many are still in the works. The Last of Us is obviously the most notable recent example, but let’s not forget Sonic the Hedgehog and Uncharted (mediocre ones still count), and there’s the God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn TV series in the works as we speak.

Speaking of The Last of Us, take a look at the trailer for the final episode of season one below.

Anyway, according to an insider, we can prepare ourselves for the release of a Call of Duty TV show sometime soon, too. As reported by GGRecon, this comes from YouTuber Capo del Mondo, who claims to know someone working on the show.

Reportedly, the live-action series has been filmed in Italy, and will focus on Task Force 141 from Modern Warfare (which includes fan favourite characters like Captain Price, Soap and Ghost). It’s claimed that each episode will be around 15 minutes long, and a trailer is set to be revealed soon.

In the insider's video, a number of supposedly leaked images from the series are shown, and this is where things become a lot less believable. We see a number of characters out in a field holding guns, as well as a woman with a bloody nose who appears to be held hostage. Put it this way, if these images somehow are real, I wouldn’t get too excited about the series. Take a look for yourself below.

While this particular source doesn’t seem to be very reliable, fans might remember that way back in 2015, Activision launched a motion picture production company called Activision Blizzard Studios, at which time it was revealed that the company “envisions a series of Call of Duty feature films as well as the possibility of television adaptations” (via Business Wire). At the time of writing, nothing has come of this, but clearly the intention was there, and it could still happen in the future.

For now though, definitely take this so-called insider information with a generous fistful of salt.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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