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YouTuber Dream finally reveals face to 1.3 million live viewers

YouTuber Dream finally reveals face to 1.3 million live viewers

Dreams do come true

Mysterious Minecraft YouTuber dream has finally taken off his mask to show the world his true face. Somewhat disappointingly, he's not billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne or Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent.

Despite having a genuinely massive following online, Dream chose to create an air of intrigue around his online persona by keeping his face covered during streams. He keeps his real mug covered with a a fairly simple (but now undeniably iconic) smiley face mask.

Dream finally took off the mask during an October 2 livestream in front of roughly 1.3 million viewers.

“A lot of you are probably wondering why now?” he told the assembled viewers watching around the world. He explained that it really all boiled to convenience, as friend and fellow Minecraft YouTuber GeorgeNotFound was flying out to “meet for the first time.”

Instead of having to spend the visit locked away in private, Dream decided he wanted to get out there and start doing things in public - including "meet creators" and "be a person".

The YouTuber added that this means we can expect more "IRL" content in the future, although he doesn't have any plans to show his face during his ongoing Minecraft videos.

Dream has been saying for over a year now that he always planned to reveal his face one day, stressing that he would only do so when he could take "full advantage" of the situation. Given that he teased the ultimate reveal by showing his face to a number of big-name creators one-by-one before the October 2 stream, it's safe to say he managed that.

Dream has long played with fan expectations, revealing small parts of his face and head in "accidental" teasers shared to social media before swiftly deleting them, knowing full well his fans would spread them like wildfire anyway.

You can check out the entire Dream face-reveal livestream right here.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube via Dream

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